orange Rare Straight Razor near NOS vintage Abr. Sohn Friedr Herder 257


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Orange Rare Straight Razor near NOS vintage Abr. Sohn Friedr Herder 257
Excellent blade in excellent condition. The Friedr Herder is a highly sought after razor. This one in nearly flawless. Scales look like a light peach to light pink hue with a white space.


An exceptional herirloom piece for an exceptional gentleman for sure.

Friedr Herder Abr. Sohn is one o the most well known and respected manufacturers of Straight razors. You cannot find a better blade in better condition at a better price.
This piece is OVER 100 years old and looks like it's never seen the light of day.

Shaves flawlessly. Went ahead and buffed it to make it shine a little better than fresh from the factory. Oiled, Sanitized, Boxed, Honed, Stropped.

*Honed on a progression of water-stones: Norton 4/8k followed by Naniwa 12k; finished on a Greek Vermio natural hone.
*Stropped on a progression of fine linen, kangaroo and horse-shell strops.
*Edge is shave-ready, and delivers a keen, precise and smooth shave.

Only ONE available. No I won't hold it and no I won't be getting more.
A razor like this won't come around twice. Great investment.
If you need it rehoned in the future I'll be happy to maintain it at no cost but postage.

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Only ONE available. Will be months before another is ready.

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