Vintage Leather Razor Strop Eagle Russia M Thomas and Son Boston Mass 148


Shipping to United States: $8.00

this strop is lighter in color than it appears in the photos. I must've photographed it after applying lotion. the photo with the lightest leather shade is accurate when dry. If you would like additional photos send me a message and I'll take them. thank you

Why buy a beard knife approved strop? Because I ship all strops FLAT. 99% of sellers like to cut corners and save on shipping. Not me...I want you to have a usable strop without bends in the leather and permanent creases. The purpose of stropping is to have a SMOOTH surface to run your blade across. It doesn't matter how good of a strop you buy if it's not shipped properly. You'd think anyone familiar with the product would know better but...I've never had a strop shipped to me flat. It makes a huge difference!

Vintage Leather Razor strop. Features leather and linen in excellent overall condition. Hard to find these in any shape but this one is very clean You can still read the impressions which is rare too.

Vintage Leather Razor Strop Eagle Russia M Thomas and Son Boston Mass 148 Excelent. Thick leather. and linen. Clean and flat. Very rare form.

Strop used for final touching after honing straight razors

I highly RECOMMEND for any items that have STEEL components that you pick up a 5 dollar bottle of Beard Knife Razor lube. It lasts forever and costs next to nothing to protect your investment. I see guys dropping $200 dollars on a razor and then wondering why it develops rust when they leave it wet and don't take care of it. Stainless steel doesn't mean rust proof steel. Remember your blade can last HUNDREDS of years or a month. That's entirely up to you. Always...ALWAYS dry your razor after use. Get a stand so it can drip dry if nothing else and apply a little of this oil to your steel after use and you will not have to worry about rust.

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