Vintage Wald-Solingen MASTER No. 64 Made In Germany Straight Razor.shave ready

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It is someone's LUCKY DAY. If you've searched the world over for a World Master..
This is a 1950s razor according to my calculations.

The world master is wonderfully blade that takes a great edge. The shave is super smooth and the feel of the blade is very unique from other carbon steel blades.
I would highly recommend it. Won't be on the market long. I can promise you that. This is a highly sought after cutthroat in any condition. Finding one in THIS condition...well...this might be that "once in a lifetime" opportunity. Whoever buys this...please take care of it. Do not let rust eat her after all these years of pristine condition. Get a 5 dollar bottle of my razor lube and keep it pristine for another 75 years.

Caution do not read this warning while unconscious.
Warning do not use razor during an earthquake.
Razor is sharp on purpose please exercise caution.
Warning Razor is harmful if swallowed.
Warning by purchasing any of our BeardKnife products you agree that you are asserting that you are not stupid
and ergo responsible for anything bad that happens to you or a razor that is in your hands.

I highly RECOMMEND for any items that have STEEL components that you pick up a 5 dollar bottle of Beard Knife Razor lube. It lasts forever and costs next to nothing to protect your investment. I see guys dropping $200 dollars on a razor and then wondering why it develops rust when they leave it wet and don't take care of it. Stainless steel doesn't mean rust proof steel. Remember your blade can last HUNDREDS of years or a month. That's entirely up to you. Always...ALWAYS dry your razor after use. Get a stand so it can drip dry if nothing else and apply a little of this oil to your steel after use and you will not have to worry about rust.

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a fantastic seller who definitely knows his shave stuff!!! and when he says shave ready its shave ready ! great straight razor and try his aftershaves that are very cool

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