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If you are looking to get into wet shaving/ straight razor shaving this is the way to go.
Also a great backup for traditional straight razor shavers who may not have time to hone and strop on a Monday morning.

Perfectly balanced and weighted.
If you're still shaving with cartridge razors you are missing out on a vastly superior shave & at a significant cost to your wallet.
A box of 100 replacement blades for a shavette is as low as 3 dollars and will easily last a daily shaver an entire year.

Take that dollar shave club!

Cost effective doesn't mean cheap!
Let's be honest...the shaving industry is a 5 billion dollar cluster f**k!
Nearly everything comes down to advertising dollars.
You can get the same quality badger hair brush from BeardKnife for way less than half the price of the popular shaving shop.
You're not getting better quality...only less money in your bank.
Not to mention we've been brainwashed into believe adding razors to safety cartridges increases the quality and closeness of a shave.
Nothing could be further from the truth. So stop wasting your time and money and upgrade your shaving game.

Note to ladies: Your men are probably resistant to change. Sometimes you have to lead them to a better path. I thank you all for helping your husbands
and boyfriends discover a relaxing, manly way to better manage their reflection. My wife got me into it and it's truly one of the most rewarding aspects
of my day/life. Thank you for helping!

It is worth noting each person creates 15 lbs of carbon dioxide per year just having their disposable razors produced. Multiply that times 325 million people in the USA alone. Then add over 2 billion disposable blades filling up landfills. If you are concerned about your environment...this is a practical way to make a difference.

This starter kit.
-Black steel barber razor.
-100 individually wrapped razor blades. Easy to put in and easy to dispose without filling up landfills.
-a large sample of bayrum men's scented lotion.
-100% fine badger hair shave brush.
-100% boar hair beard brush.
- storage pouch for your shavette.

Free Shipping in the USA.

12% discount for Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin shoppers. We are the change. Thank you!

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Stainless Steel Professional Folding Barber Tools Straight Edge Black Shaving Razor with Black PU Pouch for Barbershop

14*2.5*0.7cmLegal Disclaimers:

Caution do not read this warning while unconscious.
Warning do not use razor during an earthquake.
Razor is sharp on purpose please exercise caution.
Warning Razor is harmful if swallowed.
Warning by purchasing any of our BeardKnife products you agree that you are asserting that you are not stupid
and ergo responsible for anything bad that happens to you or a razor that is in your hands.

I highly RECOMMEND for any items that have STEEL components that you pick up a 5 dollar bottle of Beard Knife Razor lube. It lasts forever and costs next to nothing to protect your investment. I see guys dropping $200 dollars on a razor and then wondering why it develops rust when they leave it wet and don't take care of it. Stainless steel doesn't mean rust proof steel. Remember your blade can last HUNDREDS of years or a month. That's entirely up to you. Always...ALWAYS dry your razor after use. Get a stand so it can drip dry if nothing else and apply a little of this oil to your steel after use and you will not have to worry about rust.
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You are responsible for your countries taxes not me. If you place an order and I ship the order and it comes back to me because you refused to pay your own import fees or taxes I will NOT issue a refund. So I highly recommend you pay your duties OR do NOT order from BeardKnife. This removes my product from inventory, it costs me twice as much to ship, my seller fees are greater than your tax obligation. I don't like taxes either...but I'm not responsible for your taxes. I cannot ban buyers but not every customer is a paying customer and I do not want you to purchase from me if you cannot satisfy the terms of the listing. You drive up prices for all the other customers who want what they order. Don't be that guy.((This notice is on all listings may not apply to THIS listing: please look at item descriptions before purchasing any items))

Nos definition: New old stock. It means the razor is OLD but not used. So you will not have a razor that is honed or stropped by me. You will have a brand new factory edge. Which usually is shave ready but often will require immediate or quicker work to get the edge how YOU prefer. They are usually the most expensive razors because they are best preserved. By honing them I would be devaluing them. IF you don't care and want me to hone a NOS razor contact me prior to purchase and let me know. Many people put their razors are NOS just to get views and it has no meaning to them just like "shave ready" is not true for most online sellers these days.

Shave ready definition:
Shave ready means different things to different people. It's often just added to titles to increase sales. I use the term honestly. It passes all industry standards of shave readiness and has been put through the described process. If you are looking for a razor that you can take out of the box....and shave with. That's what shave ready is supposed to mean. Worked on by a professional.

My 2 cents on hone wear and scratches. It's a tool. Don't worry about them. Some people tape spines I do not unless stated and for a specific reason. My goal is to maintain the geometry of the razor not manipulate it and provide the best shaving razor not simply a perfect razor. No shave ready razor is in mint but I do my best to balance ALL pros and cons to provide the most trustworthy cutthroat.

My return policy is simple.
NO returns.

Because sellers are already losing money on postage, paying HIGH fees to make products available. When an item is SOLD it can no longer be SOLD. Contrary to popular belief nothing is free and the BUYER pays all costs. There are a lot of games we are forced to play like "free shipping" and 30 day refunds...I don't play those games. If you don't want the product...don't buy it.

If you do want it...keep it.
I can't afford to lose money or sales for customers I'd rather not keep. It sounds harsh but I assure's true. I don't need everyone's business nor do I want everyone's business.

When you provide things like soaps, lotions, and other consumables a return goes into the trash and the cost of the item is increased to absorb loss. That's not fair to good customers.

It's near impossible already to keep prices down with inflation and an incompetent government constantly disrupting the markets. Antiques razors are carefully packaged by me to assure they arrive safely. When BAD customers return items they also don't care to package them properly and I end up with a $200 dollar loss plus postage and that's not a sustainable business model. If you want to try things and return them but cheap Chinese junk from Amazon and go nuts. When you are THE best at something you can be selective with your policies and customers. Please note IF something is NOT as described or you receive the wrong item entirely I am of course going to correct MY mistake. Buyer remorse is not something I take responsibility for. Providing HIGH quality products at the lowest price possible is a near impossible task these days. Many items I lose money on just to make something available. I have no use for used cosmetics and I do not want them back. If a razor is not shaving to your satisfaction I will allow a return within 30 days. (buyer pays return postage) I will pay to ship it back and I will assure the razor edge it is adjusted to your needs. If for some reason I cannot do so then and ONLY then will I issue a refund. I'd rather lose a bad customer than increase cost on a good one. Fortunately almost ALL of my customers have been awesome and return requests are extremely rare. I do appreciate you guys! Also a word of advice...if you want to try a product and you don't like the fragrance DON'T buy more than one! Scented products are all preference based. I've bought many products I don't prefer. I eat the loss because I chose to buy it. Big retailers can eat the little guys cannot. If you have QUESTIONS about an item...please write to me about them BEFORE purchasing. That way you can assure you get what you want before either of us waste our time and money.

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High quality at reasonable price, highly recommend!!!

My husband loves this. I purchased it as a Christmas gift. He was initially disappointed because it wasn’t the same as his brother’s and he’d thought it would be hard to use, but now he loves it and realized it was much better and easy to use. He’s very happy with it.

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