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This is a nice addition to any razor purchase. Nothing will infuriate you more than having a razor that should last many lifetimes and then knocking it off the counter and watching it break in half.
Always, Always...ALWAYS protect your investments.
This will help prevent kids from grabbing your razor and cutting themselves, It will give you a safe secure place to store your razor, and it just adds a touch of sophistication when traveling that you deserve. Nothing worse than reaching into your travel bag and discovering your razor blade is exposed, or broken.

Made from brown leather that is tight but stretches keeping a secure hold of your blade and adjusts to hold most straight razors.
Measures: 6 x 1 x 2 inches ; 1.12 ounces

I highly RECOMMEND for any items that have STEEL components that you pick up a 5 dollar bottle of Beard Knife Razor lube. It lasts forever and costs next to nothing to protect your investment. I see guys dropping $200 dollars on a razor and then wondering why it develops rust when they leave it wet and don't take care of it. Stainless steel doesn't mean rust proof steel. Remember your blade can last HUNDREDS of years or a month. That's entirely up to you. Always...ALWAYS dry your razor after use. Get a stand so it can drip dry if nothing else and apply a little of this oil to your steel after use and you will not have to worry about rust.

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Nice product that fits my straight blade razor. Good quality.

Nice leather case, however it is too small for any of my Dovo straight razors. I can get one in if I push really hard, but I won’t be doing that to any of my $150-$250 blades every time I put it away. It would eventually rub off the wood finish on the scales if I used this case with them. Nice case, I just wish it wasn’t so overly tight.

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