50% of shavers report they believe they are paying too much for razor blades. This translates to 50% of shavers are still using cartridge razors and have a pretty good idea that they are getting screwed.  

      You could continue shaving with cartridge razors or disposable razors, or you could add about $10,000 dollars to your retirement by trying something different. No I’m not touting a monthly shave membership that will drop ship Chinese razor blades to your door where the middle man is still marking up your blades by 50%.  What I recommend first is starting with a “shavette” or a “barber knife.”  

      What is a “shavette” you ask? It is what professional barbers use to give you a professional shave. The folding knife that looks like a traditional straight razor but has disposable and easily replaceable razor blades. 

       You may be wondering why you should start with a shavette instead of a traditional straight razor. The first reason is you are a rookie. You’ve got some adjustments to make when it comes to shaving like a real man and the first is learning how to shave without the training wheels that safety blades provide. In fact the main thing stopping most men from shaving like a man…is fear of cutting themselves. In my opinion you should be more worried about shaving with a blade that won’t cut your skin than shaving with something definitely can. The price of manliness is paid with the shedding of blood. The truth is…you will cut yourself. The good news is…you will survive…you will learn…you will improve and then you will stand on top of the mountain looking down with a quality shave. Yes you will sprout some extra hairs off your chest and you will experience the joy of shaving them off just because you can.   

       The next reason you should start with a shavette is because it is practically free. Yes you can get a shavette for around $10 dollars and a box of 100 blades for just a few bucks as well that will last you at least an entire year. That’s less than the cost of joining the dollar shave club for a couple months. That is about the cost of 3 Gillette Mach3 blades that might last you a month if you grow a girly beard. That leaves you plenty of money to invest in the finer things in your shaving life.    

       Next comes the quality of shave. The modern cartridge razor with their 7 blades laying on top of each other and inability to cut you should be ample evidence that you are a victim of advertising propaganda. The truth is the more blades you add the worse shave you will get. Most of us have figured it out so we stick to 1-3 layered blades. The truth is one sharp blade destroys any cartridge arrangement the big guys can come up with. What could be smarter than selling you 3-7 razor blades at a time? The only thing smarter than that is NOT falling for it. The first time you shave with a shavette you will be hooked. If you nick your skin…you will learn quickly. If you don’t…it’s not necessary to cut yourself. In fact it’s like riding a bike…once you get the feel of it…you will be just fine.   

So what are the negatives? First, there’s a lot of junk in the shaving market.  This is one reason people give for sticking to their brand name cartridge blades. You could get a shavette with too much play in the handle that makes it hard to hold, it could swing shut on your hand and leave you a nice gash in your hand. Some replacement blades are superior to others. A bad box of blades is worth less than no blades at all.  Some are too heavy making it hard to manage, some are too short, too long, some will have a loose connection that secures the blade making your blade shift angles and guaranteeing a nice cut on your cheek. We made sure all of these problems were eliminated when creating the Beard Knife shavette. Perfectly balanced, we reduced the typical handle play, and pair our shavettes with the Derby Premium blades. After testing other brands we have found the Beard Knife shavette and Derby Premium blades to be a perfect combination.  My wife actually got me into straight razor shaving and it became an unexpected passion of mine. So I decided to test and compare the many shaving options out there as well as developing and hand making complementary items for like-minded men who demand the best and want to keep their money in their pockets. If you are ready to get started here is a link to my Etsy shop.  https://goo.gl/HMZaTL  

 You can pick a shavette package and try out some homemade quality soaps, beard oils, hand crafted razors, bowls, strops etc. Welcome to the self-love club.