Want to save BIG? My last post was about how switching to straight razor and shavette shaving can save you nearly $10,000 dollars over your adult life. That is not the only way to save with Beardknife.com.

       We at BeardKnife aren’t just into helping men look good. We want you to feel good, and we want you to take control of every aspect of your life. This includes your finances.  We are proud supporters of Cryptocurrencies AKA “magical internet money.” In fact we are probably more into cryptocurrencies than “shaving like men” and we are really passionate about that.

 So, we have cooked up a deal that is a guaranteed win for people looking to get into the exciting world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple AND upping their shave game.

  IF you spend $100 dollars in our store & pay with cryptocurrency we will give you -15% off your entire order. -Fast & Free Shipping. -and some freebies for being awesome. 

 First you need to convert some money to Cryptocurrency. It’s very easy and you will also receive $10 free dollars in bitcoin by using our affiliate link. Make sure you transfer at least $100 dollars to get the free $10 dollars in Bitcoin and cover your purchase. 

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If you need any help we will be glad to walk you through the process.  It is as simple as clicking buttons. Buying is just like buying anything online and withdrawing your crypto back into your US dollar bank account requires simply pressing a button.

  So to summarize. 

1. Save up to $10,000 for your retirement by switching to BeardKnife.com straight razors and shavettes.  

2. Spend $100 dollars in crypto and get a $10 free dollars in Bitcoin.  

 3. Save approximately $10 dollars with free postage. 

4. Get a 15% discount (Minimum $15 dollar savings) That is a minimum of 35% off your first order. 

5. Get some free goodies.

The best part is it teaches you how to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. This has been called the biggest thing since the internet and with good reason!  

Imagine if you put 900 dollars into bitcoin last January. You could have sold your bitcoin for over $19,000 dollars by December! The best part is Bitcoin was outperformed by Litecoin and other cryptos by 5 times that amount in 2017! That same $900 dollars last January would be $40,860 if left in litecoin instead of your USD bank. This is what all the buzz is about and why we are willing to discount product for what we consider more valuable money. As the rest of the world catches on we anticipate cryptocurrency will replace fiat money and the price will skyrocket.  So what are you waiting for? If you are going to make a purchase it makes no sense to pay 35% more just to avoid using a vastly superior means of exchange. We will gladly accept your US dollars but we will likely be converting it to cryptocurrency right away. It's important to shave like a man so you can save like a man. We're all in this together!