This simple tool will change your life. 

This is just the barber razor. No cartridges included. You can buy a pack separately or get one of our sets that include a box of 100 replacement blades.

What is a barber razor and why do you need one? 

This is the tool of choice for professional barbers everywhere.  They are the reason you pay 25 dollars to have a professional shave. There are multiple reasons to upgrade your shave game to a shavette/ barber razor.

Reason 1.

 It is hands down the best shave you will ever have. 

Many people think a shavette is an entry level way to get into true straight razor shaving. 

While this can be true as far as low cost, and no maintenance required it is not true in regard to being a cheap toy or more safe version of a straight. In fact this bad boy can cut sharper than any straight razor. 

You definitely will learn technique with this tool. It is less forgiving than any other razor. With that're shaving. Learning a new skill will save you nearly $10,000 dollars over your life over cartridge razors.  If that sounds like an upgrade in addition to a closer are both a scholar and a gentleman. 

I love shaving with a traditional straight...but this is what I will use as a daily shaver. A must have for any man's bathroom arsenal. 

2. No maintenance.  In contrast with straight razors these require no honing and no stropping. Simply open the holder at the first sign your blade is dulling and throw a fresh blade in. I like to use a new blade each time I shave. Why not? They are practically free.  Depending on your routine and coarseness of your beard that is most likely way more than necessary. One blade will likely last you a week. So instead of pushing the life of your over priced cartridge razors you can eat these blades like candy. (Not literally). 

3. Sterile. The reason professionals prefer the shavette is you are using a piece of metal to cut skin. Blood is often involved. Do I really need to point out the benefit of sterile tools when working with potential bloodshed? I didn't think so. 

4. This sucker will take a 5 inch beard and leave you with a baby face in one pass. You'll be wondering why you were trading all your freedom for a little bit of safety after your first shave. You'll probably want to be my new best friend after this. My birthday is Oct 24 if you'd like to send gifts in appreciation. I will understand. 

To address the usual concern. 

1. Will I cut myself? 

You probably cut yourself while shaving already. It's not the end of the world. You are more likely to cut yourself with a dull razor than a sharp one. I can guarantee you having a razor sharp blade at your disposal will not be an issue if you order from our shop. You will absolutely nick yourself at some point. It's not necessary that you do...maybe you're already an expert. The truth don't have to cut yourself. It's 100% technique and you will absolutely learn technique if you make a mistake. There's no reason at all to fear superior tools. Just improve your skills. 

That extra $10,000 in savings for your retirement is worth learning how to shave like a man.  If you need help learning technique...I highly recommend watching a couple youtube videos. It doesn't require an education. You can learn the easy way or the hard way. I'm just looking out for you. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. Welcome to the Beard Knife Gang. Add us on Instagram and enjoy shaving like a man!